Meet Wally:

I am Wally, and contrary to popular belief I did not come up with the name, The Wally Show.  I am not a pastor or counselor.  I am a guy who did mainstream radio shows for 13 years till God got a hold of me and brought me here.  I am not perfect, and I definitely still have some edges.   I am a person, like you who is trying to consistently live out my faith on a daily basis.  Some days I succeed and some days I fail.  I ask questions to start conversations and, other times, cause I honestly don’t know the answer.  I realize this show is not for everybody, but it is for someone everyday.  I have seen God use the serious as well as the silly things we do to change lives and that is the goal of this show.

The bottom line for me is… if you are the kind of person who hears the Bible verse “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone,” and you look for cover, instead of a rock, you’re going to love this show.  So don’t just listen; be part of The Wally Show 1-877-91-Wally or my personal email is wally at

Hometown: West Palm Beach, Florida
College: University of Central Florida (undergraduate), Grand Canyon University (graduate)
Family: Wife, Mardi and daughter, Haille
Pets:  2 cats, Hankster Prankster my little gangster and Sasha McSashinstein (Betty Rock is rubbing off on me like a cat on a scratching post)
Celebrity look a likes: I think TobyMac, but he certainly does not.  Sadly, I look most like Alton Brown from the Food Network.
Paper or Plastic Quiz:
1. Candy bar or Barbell?  I couldn’t figure out why I was working out and not loosing weight.  Then I realized it was because I was doing sit-ups with a mouthful of candy corn, so I stopped doing sit-ups.
2. Unicorn or Rainbow? Tough call.  Rainbows give you an unlimited supply of money with the pot of gold, but unicorns are fun to ride and are a good source of protein if times get tough.  I will go with unicorn because you can’t ride a rainbow.
3.  Coke or Pop.  I am not from the Midwest so every carbonated beverage is a coke
4. Project Runway or Monday Night Football?  Really without the Project Runway people, the NFL players would have no uniforms so I am going to go Project Runway.
5. Chess or Checkers?  Sadly, I am not chess smart.  My 12 year old daughter beats me every time we play, but I rule at Cracker Barrel Checkers.